The Construction Group has provided the greater Miami Beach and surrounding areas with quality construction services since 1992. Our exacting standards and meticulous attention to detail enable us to turn potential problems into workable solutions. We specialize in unusually challenging projects, fine restorations, large insurance claims, and exceptionally detailed, high-end finishes.

At The Construction Group, we know that trust is the most important element in building client relationships. That is why honesty and integrity dictate all we do. The span of our business practices – from accounting to construction – each contribute to building trust with clients, with subcontractors, and with the greater community. It is no wonder that we are one of the only general contractors in the greater Miami Beach area never to have been sued, and never to have sued anyone. In fact, we recommend that you begin the process of selecting your team by checking the guidelines for choosing a good General Contractor, verifying every General Contractor’s license you are considering, and researching each GC with the City’s records. Our public history provides you with an insight into how we do business.

  • We never promise something that we cannot deliver.
  • We never “low ball” an estimate to get the project only to surprise a customer later with change orders. We would rather explain our price than compromise our integrity.
  • Transparency builds trust. We provide a complete and detailed breakdown of Project Bids, enabling all parties to see exactly what we are bidding and what the final product will include.
  • Communication is important. We take time throughout the life of a project to talk to clients, to raise potential issues and to propose possible solutions.
  • We protect your interests. By carrying over twice the required amount of liability insurance, we provide unparalleled protection for our clients.
  • Our forthright business practices mean better quality for you. We pay our subcontractors and vendors on time without exception, thereby resulting in the best crews and services available.

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